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Census Records
New York 1860 Federal Census
James Demeter/Westchester County/NY/Bedford/ ID#NY58670225
Georgia Census 1790-1870
George Demeter/1840/Bibb County/GA/Howard District/ID#GAS4a712338
Missouri Census 1790-1870
Annie Demeter/1870/Jackson County/MO/4W.Kansas City/ID#MO30031294
E.J Demeter/1870/Macon County/MO/1W.Macon/ID#MO30145967
Eliza Demeter/1870/Macon County/MO/1W.Macon/ID#MO30145969
Hungary Census 1891

There are 109 Demeter's listed as shopkeepers and craftsmen in the 1891 Hungarian Census in 32 counties.

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