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                                           Alec Demeter circa 1930's                                                                                                Alec Demeter circa 1930's                                                         


Mihaly Demeter
Served: Austria/Hungarian Empire
Staff Sargeant, decorated WWI
Andras Demeter
Served: Canada
Date: WWII
Research Enterprises IFF. project
Tozohos Demeter
US.WWI Draft registration 1917-18
Born: Mar. 2, 1884,  Hungary
Registered: Storey NV

Steven Demeter Jr.
US. Army, Rank: E4
Home: Ottawa, Ohio, USA
Died: Age 28, while missing
Date: Korean Conflict

Hungarian Demeter's who died on the Eastern Front during WWII. They are listed here by name, rank, date of birth, mothers name, and place of residence.


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