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Are you tracing your own Demeter familytree? Have you just begun or have you already completed your tree and would not mind helping some others? If so I encourage you to add your information to this index! It's easy! Just send me an e-mail, put researchers index in the subject area, include  your name, contact address/es, and research interests and I will add your name to this index. By doing so you will increase your chances of success! Once your name has been added I will send you a confirmation notification. Good luck and Happy Ancestor Hunting To All!

Name: Diane Gonthier
Researching: Demeter, Rik, and Krisak from Faj, Abauj-Borsod-Zemplen county, Hungary
Name: Charles Wardell
Researching: Demeters from Zagreb, Croatia formerly Hungary
Name: Donald Turk
Researching: Demeters from NJ USA
Alexander Demeter
Julia Demeter (nee) Karmazsin
Julius (m. Rose Szepsi)
Stephen (m. Mary Kalman)
John (m. ? Horsani)
Louis (m. Violet ?)
Andrew (m. Tillie ? daughter Beverly)
Also Researching:
Turk, Estok, Karmazsin, Dobanyi

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