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Since starting the Demeter Surname Resource Centre I have recieved a few e-mails from others just starting their genealogy quests. I welcome your mail and will try to help you get started to the best of my abilities. However I am not a professional genealogist and I cannot conduct research for others due to time constraints. I created this page to provide you with some of the tips and tricks I found invaluable in getting started.

1. Start With What You Know: Start with your generation, your childrens and grandchildrens if you have them. Record all names, dates, places etc. Be creative and start writing up some bios.

2. Talk with your elder family relatives: They are a wealth of information and will probably be delighted to tell you their storys. Record everything they say, use a tape recorder if possible. What may seem an insignificant fact right now could well be the big breakthrough you are looking for in the future.

3.Get Organized: I use binders to keep my notes. Each individual has his/her own section within the binder. I store old photos and documents in acid free photo albums and label each. Each branch of the familytree has their own binder and album.

4. I always keep paper and pen handy at all family functions. You never know when someone may remember a long forgotten memory that you will want to record.

5. Consider adding your name, e-mail, and research interests to our Researchers Index, others who may be researching the same line as you or have found information on your line will then be able to contact you.

6. Read through our Guestbook, you may just find a long lost cousin there.

After you have followed these steps you will be ready to start tracking down your ancestors!

Genealogy can be tedious and time consuming, but nothing beats the feeling of proudly displaying your familytree and being able to say " These are my people" I personally feel that all families are important and all ancestors whether slaves or princes deserve to be remembered. I sincerely hope this website has encouraged you to begin preseving your family's heritage for future generations.

Special Note* There are many professional genealogists out there who will trace your familytree for you. I cannot stress enough that this is a case for "BUYER BEWARE" especially in foreign countries. If you decide on this route please be careful. I have heard of more than a few scams out there.

Rootsweb has some excellent free interactive lessons for beginners I highly recommend them for all those starting out.

Rootsweb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees

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